Vaunt 3 Piece 4.2m Extension Ladder

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The Vaunt 3x7 extending ladder offers you a quick and conventional ladder solution to your working at height requirements!

The ladder is split into three sections of 7 rungs, which locks securely to eachother at each rung, to ensure the ladder is secure and safe when in use. You can extend all three pieces to its max height, use as a small ladder in its closed height, or split the legs open to use as an A-frame ladder. The A-frame positioning can be locked at various rung heights, to create a leaning 'off-set' position, ideal for working on uneven ground or stairs, and the integrated safety strap ensures you do not over stretch the ladder footing.

Made of very strong aluminium with additional rust resistant coating, the ladder is durable to withstand the demands of a typical construction site, yet light enough to carry around comfortably. The extra wide welded foot treads provide a stable footing to stand on and feels comfortable when standing for prolonged periods of time. The ladder feet themselves have a slip resistant base and includes a wide stabilising bar to ensure the ladder is reliably stable when you are working at height, and with the max load of 150kg, this ladder meets all the requirements to pass as EN131 PROFESSIONAL standard, meaning it qualifies for both home and site use.

  • Strong yet light aluminium holds up to 150kg
  • Fully adjustable for A or straight positioning
  • Interlocking 3 piece sections extends overall height
  • Features stabilising bar & wide treads for safe use
  • Conforms to EN131 Professional Standards