8 Tread Fibreglass Step Ladder

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  • Conforms to EN131 Professional standard
  • Can support up to 150kg
  • Insulated, non-conductive fibreglass material
  • Extra wide tread with a slip-resistant surface
  • Integrated tool tray

The Vaunt 8 Tread fibreglass ladder has amazing durability and insulation from electricity, extra wide slip resistant tread, wide sturdy feet and cross frame brackets ensure rigidity, stability and safety. Insulated, non conductive material for working near electrical sources. Built in tool tray for working at height.

Open Height: 207cm
Open Depth: 153cm
Closed Height: 222cm
Closed Depth: 16cm
Width: 58cm
Weight: 10.5kg
Max safe working height: 158cm (never stand on the top two rungs of a ladder)
Max weight 150kg