Larsen Ultimate Flexible Rapid Set S2 (Pro Range)

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Professional Ultimate Flexible Rapid Set is a specially formulated, highly flexible, S2 rated, fast setting, cement based adhesive.

It is suitable for beds of 3-12mm, interior, exterior, floor and wall applications. Professional Ultimate Flexible Rapid Set is suitable for fixing almost all types of tiles to most common substrates and more difficult substrates including tongue & groove floorboards and green screeds.

• Suitable for: Ceramic, marble/natural stone, porcelain,
• glass, mosaic and terrazzo tiles
• Suitable for: Under floor heating, green screeds, sheeted
• timber and direct to T&G floorboards
• Highly Deformable
• Grout after 3 hours
• BS EN 12004 Type C2FS2
• White

20kg multiwall, sealed paper sacks

~4m2/20kg bag @ 3mm bed