SBR Bond Primer 5 Litre

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SBR Bond (Larcem 25) is a synthetic rubber polymer emulsion used to make polymer mortars, screeds and renders.

Larcem 25 can be mixed with cement as a bonding grout for screeds and renders. The improvements allow the production of high strength screeds, thin section screeds, patching/repair mortars and waterproof mortars.

Can also be mixed with water for use as a priming solution.  

• Improves flexural strength
• Improves tensile strength
• Improves abrasion resistance
• Improves chemical resistance
• Reduces shrinkage
• Reduces water permeability
• Non-corrosive to steel

5L and 25L packs

As Bonding Grout: when diluted 1:2 with OPC, sufficient grout will be produced to cover ~4m2
As Admixture: depending on application, between 40 – 100 L/m3