Soudatight SP 16kg Airtight Liquid Membrane

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Soudatight SP is a sprayable airtight liquid membrane. This product allows for a very easy, fast and economical application on larger surface areas and connections in between those surfaces (floor to wall, wall to ceiling, etc). Soudatight SP forms an elastic, air- and vapour tight membrane after drying and is an ideal basis for paint or plaster. Combine with Soudatight LQ for optimal results. Soudatight SP can be applied with a professional airless spraying tools, such as an airless gun connected to either a plunger or a membrane pump.

For air- and vapour tight finishing of wall-floor connections, wall-ceiling connections, wall-wall connections, surfaces (no roof applications) and window connections (inside inner leaf (reveal area)).

For use with Soudal Expanding Foam Window & Door SWS for airtight homes.


  • Air- and vapour tight
  • Stays elastic after curing and very sustainable
  • Forms a seamless membrane
  • Very good adhesion on many porous materials
  • Good adhesion on slightly moist substrates
  • Good adhesion on slightly dusty substrates
  • Can be painted, plastered or taped after drying
  • Meets GEV EMICODE EC-1 PLUS: very low emission
  • Passive House certified