Mandrex Quick Release Holesaw Arbor Starter Kit

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Mandrex Quick Release Starter Kit to introduce you to the Mandrex One Click Hole Saw System. The content selected and the professional packaging offer immediate access to its unique features.

Experience the future in arbor systems: better, faster and more efficient than all other existing arbors in the market.

Exchanging Hole Saws is a matter of pushing the button and sliding. With the MXqs arbors you only require one arbor for large and small Hole Saws. With our unique ONE CLICK arbor system it only takes seconds. Making use of the unique Mandrex MXqs arbor system brings you all its unique features with one simple CLICK. Just push the button and start saving time, money and frustration!”


  • Replace and mount every Hole Saw with “ONE CLICK’
  • Enlarge previously drilled holes
  • Eject the plug with “ONE CLICK”
  • 1 Arbor for large and small Hole Saws