iMEX E60 Rotating Laser Level Kit

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The iMEX E60 Red Beam Rotating Laser kit is perfect for those needing Imex quality at a lower price point. The iMEX E60 kit comes with everything you need in one carry case, packed full of features and simple to operate whether you’re a trade professional or a DIY enthusiast. Featuring a huge 400m dia range, rubber sheath protection and heavy-duty lighthouse cover for superior shockproof and weatherproofing the E60 is the leader in value for everyday laser levelling.

E60 Kit comes complete with Laser, Tripod, Staff, Receiver & Hard Carry Case
Class 2 red beam laser 635nm <1mW
400m Professional working range with detector
Affordable and effective for smaller levelling tasks
3mm @ 30m accuracy
Specification Detail
Self Levelling ±5°
Accuracy 3mm @ 30m
Working Distance Dia 400m with included detector
Rotation Speed 600rpm
Light Source Laser Diode, 635nm
IP Rating IP54
Battery 4 x AA Alkaline
Working Temperature 0°C-40°C
Detector Fine and course setting, 45mmvertical range
Weight 6.2kgs
Kit Laser, Tripod, Staff, Detector with bracket, Hard carry case, Alkaline battery.