Vaunt 8 Piece Caulk & Silicone Set

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The Vaunt 8 Piece caulking set gives you everything you need for scraping, smoothing and removing silicons, caulking and grout.

Scraper – This is specifically designed for both forward and backward use when removing old sealant
Caulk Rubber Tip Applicator – Applies and smooths caulk in one easy step
Dual Applicator – Smooths caulk in narrow or wide joints for the ideal finish
Caulk & Silicon Remover – To remove Caulk and Silicon from inside and outside corners
Sealant Finishing Tool /Grout Scrapers – 4 different shaped tools that are useful for the smoothing and sealing of caulking and sealant lines for any edge, corners, joints. Also helps saves on wasted sealant and without the need for masking tape when you apply.

Easy to clean as well, simply use a damp cloth or give the set a full wash down including the convenient net storage bag.