SLC 2500 External 25kg

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Professional SLC 2500 External is a single pack, fast drying, hand or pump applied cement based levelling topping designed to eliminate surface irregularities and smooth internal and external concrete surfaces exposed to industrial traffic.

It is manufactured from a controlled blend of special sands, cements and synthetic polymers to give a high quality flooring product which is self-levelling and smoothing, dimensionally stable and fast drying allowing vehicular traffic after 48 hours. Professional SLC 2500 is designed for application between 5 and 15mm to provide an exterior wearing surface.

  •  Single pack
  •  Self-levelling
  •  5-15mm in one application
  •  Fast drying
  •  Hard wearing finish
  •  Slip resistant finish
  •  External use 
  •  BS EN 13813 CT–C30–F7–RWA20

25kg multi-wall paper sacks

2m2 per 25kg @ 7mm