Refina Mixing Tub 75 Litre

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REFINA X-1 White mixing buckets are manufactured from durable moulded plastic to provide a thick gauge wall throughout which is designed to withstand daily mixing use. Ideal for construction site, domestic and industrial applications, these mixing buckets are suitable for plaster, liquid screeds, resins and other flowable construction materials. Moulded with sturdy side handles for easy handling and manoeuvring while the rigid plastic construction is produced using UV-resistant virgin HDPE that is food safe and can even withstand temperatures between -30 to 100°C.


  • Heavy duty thick gauge durable plastic construction
  • Designed to withstand daily mixing tasks
  • Suitable for plaster, liquid screed, resins and other flowable materials
  • Suitable for temperatures between -30 to 100°C
  • Manufactured from UV-resistant food-grade rated virgin HDPE