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The first levelling system on the market for maximum precision adjustment, PROLEVELING SYSTEM makes it easy and quick to lay any flooring indoors and outdoors, with just 2 elements (leveller and tie rod).

The system includes a complete range of 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm cross, T-shaped and linear levellers for floors and 3-to-40-mm thick coverings. The white T-shaped and cross levellers and the light blue linear ones are equipped with a threaded pin for the tie rod to rotate. The tie rod, made of transparent polyethylene, features a few holes for the user to check tiles for proper alignment and grout lines for uniformity.

The system is completed with a PROTECTION CAP to protect delicate floors such as marble, natural stone and porcelain ones, lapped by the tie rod’s rotating action, from scratches; an UNSCREWER for the levellers broken by the tie rod to be removed quickly and easily using a common drill; the PROLEVELING WEDGE SYSTEM, i.e. a levelling system with wedges, ensuring improved efficiency and ergonomics, and in compliance with regulations, thanks to its fins directly fixed to the base; a patented over-tile multi-thickness MULTISPACER that can be reused for cross, T-shaped and linear laying - all in one product.

Compared with traditional wedge systems, the rotation levelling system offers multiple advantages such as a considerably lower consumption of pieces, greater laying speed and no movement of tiles during laying.