Larsen Flexible Standard Set+ (Pro Range) Tile Adhesive 20kg

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Professional Flexible Standard Set+ is a specially-formulated, fully flexible, S1 rated, non-slip, standard-setting, cement-based adhesive with extended open time.

It is suitable for beds of 3 – 20 mm, interior, exterior, floor and wall applications. Pro Flexible Standard Set+ is suitable for fixing most types of tiel and is recommended fro fixing glass mosaics, porcelain, natural stone and large format tiles. It is recommeded for use on more demanding areas including with large format wall tiles, on timber substrates and in swimming pools.

• Deformable
• Extended Open Time
• Grout after 18 hours
• BS EN 12004 Type C2TES1
• White and grey

20 kg multiwall, sealed, paper sacks

4-5m2/20kg bag @ 3mm bed