Larsen Fibrin 623 Concrete & Screed Fibres 1kg

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Larsen Fibrin 623 is a high performance, polypropylene microfibre, specifically designed for use in renders, mortars, screeds, overlays and toppings. Fibrin 623 can be used a replacement for non-structural steelmesh.

The fibres are extremely fine, single filaments cut to lengths of 6mm. The fibres are coated to improve initial dispersion and bond. Fibrin fibres are extremely fine and although slightly visible at the plastic (wet) stage, are not readily seen on the hardened surface. The inclusion of microfine fibres reduces the incidence of plastic shrinkage cracking and greatly improves durability and Freeze/Thaw resistance.

• Reduced Shrinkage Cracks
• Reduced Settlement
• Reduced Bleeding (excess water rising to surface)
• Alternative to Crack Control Mesh
• Reduced Water and Chemical Permeability
• Increased Abrasion Properties
• Increased Impact Resistance
• Improved Freeze/Thaw Resistance

Supplied in a 1kg Bag 

1 x 1kg bag per cubic metre