250mm TPI Diamond Blade 31969

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The TPI range of diamond discs has been designed exclusively for mitering porcelain stoneware tiles. The main characteristics of the TPI diamond blade are its great stability and cutting speed.

Thanks to its 2.5 mm thickness, the TPI diamond blade can make miters without having to use the set of special plates, but if the user is looking for maximum precision, the plates are always an excellent complement.

For the TPI discs, we have chosen the TURBO type, taking into account that the original edge and upper edge must always be respected, on the ceramic tile side, leaving a small margin of between 1 and 2 mm. In this way no damage occurs to the enamel.

The union between the diamond band and the steel core of the TPI diamond discs is made by laser welding. The most resistant and safest of all.