Mandrex Ultimate 4X Power Wood Drill Bits

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Spiral flute Wood Bits with 4 cutting edges for faster and very accurate drilling in wood. The unique self-feeding threaded QuickTip Technology enables the drill bit to effortless pull itself into soft and hard wood. Fast Chip removal in hard and soft wood, 5 times quicker compared to standard auger bits and more precise drilling due to the low friction grinded flute geometry and 4 cutting edges. This fast and accurate drill bit has a 1/4-inch hex shank and can be used in in cordless and corded impact and drill drivers and drill benches


  • For hard and soft wood
  • More then 5 times faster
  • Extreme fast because of the self-feeding QuickTip technology
  • Cutting depth 160mm and Hex 1/4” shank
  • Highest grade hardened steel, extremely wear-resistant cutting edges
  • Precision grinded 4 cutting edges
  • Clean and straight drilling