Why are Festool tools so expensive?

Why are Festool tools so expensive?

Looking at buying some new power tools or replacing some old ones? 

Wondering why Festool tools, in particular, tend to be more expensive than others?

As a Festool dealer with over 45 years experience in the tool industry, we have helped thousands of tradespeople make an informed decision, based on cost, service etc, as to what power tool brand suits their needs best.

In this article, we cover off a few points as to why Festool tools are more expensive and what you can expect when you purchase a Festool product.

  1. Festool manufacture their products in Europe and North America rather than leveraging cheap labour in Asian countries.
  2. They offer a 3 year extended warranty
  3. As part of the 3 year warranty is a 3 year theft insurance whereby you can claim a new tool from Festool should yours be stolen (as long as you can provide them with a police crime number)
  4. They offer a 10 year parts guarantee, which means if you have a machine that’s over 3 years old but under 10 years old and it requires repair and Festool no longer carry the spare parts in stock they will replace the machine with a new one (latest model).
  5. Their warranty has been known to cover machines that have been clearly broken by customer misuse – no questions asked.
  6. They often repair chargeable repairs for nothing if they find that the fault is only minor.
  7. Their tools often offer unique features that are patented and only available on their products. Things such as a 12mm distance from the flat saw blade housing to the blade on the TS55R plunge saw which enables the saw to be laid on it’s side to trim the bottom’s of doors in situ. 

Overall, Festool offer superior quality products, manufactured in the USA and Europe, and should the products fail in any way they are backed by a superior service and warranty offering which is the reason they command a premium price and tend to cost more than other leading power tool brands.