Biscuits for use in with biscuit jointers - they expand up to 20% when in contact with a wood adhesive (eg. PVA)

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Code Description Price Quantity
FAIDOWBIS10 Faithfull Biscuits No.10 (Tub 125)
£9.95 (inc VAT)
FAIDOWBIS20 Faithfull Biscuits No.20 (Tub 100)
£9.99 (inc VAT)
BSC/0/100 Biscuit No.0 100pk
£8.95 (inc VAT)
BSC/10/100 Biscuit No.10 100pk
£9.75 (inc VAT)
BSC/20/100 Biscuit No.20 100pk
£9.75 (inc VAT)
BSC/20/1000 Trend Biscuit No.20 1000pk
£38.40 (inc VAT)