Standard Tile Spacer

Tile Spacers, used for ensuring even spacing of floor and wall tiles, are available in a variety of pack sizes – for the tiler’s convenience. They provide the easy way to a more professional finish with a regular groutline achieved throughout. These cross spacers can be cut down to form a T or L shape, if required, and can be grouted over.

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Code Description Size Pack Quantity Price Quantity
0010 Tile Spacer 1mm 250
£3.53 (inc VAT)
VIT102151 Vitrex Tile Spacer 1.5mm 250
£3.50 (inc VAT)
0050 Tile Spacer 2mm 250
£2.62 (inc VAT)
0060 Tile Spacer 2mm 500
£3.96 (inc VAT)
0080 Tile Spacer 2.5mm 500
£3.90 (inc VAT)
0090 Tile Spacer 3mm 250
£2.64 (inc VAT)
0100 Tile Spacer 3mm 500
£4.30 (inc VAT)
0110 Tile Spacer 4mm 250
£4.30 (inc VAT)
0130-1 Tile Spacer 5mm 200
£4.49 (inc VAT)
0140 Tile Spacer 8mm 100
£5.22 (inc VAT)