Festool Saw Blades & Splinterguards

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Code Description Price Quantity
496301 Festool Panther Saw Blade 160x20x12T
£39.00 (inc VAT)
496302 Festool Universal Saw Blade 160x20x28T
£50.40 (inc VAT)
491952 Festool Saw Blade 160x20x48T
£54.00 (inc VAT)
496306 Festool Special Saw Blade 160x20x52T
£70.80 (inc VAT)
496308 Festool Special Saw Blade 160x20x48T
£82.80 (inc VAT)
499011 Festool Splinter Guards SP-TS 55 R/5
£12.84 (inc VAT)