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The different types of drill bit

Drilling holes is something every tradesperson does on a daily basis.  But what drill bit is best for drilling what?  In this article we cover off some of the most popular drill bits on the market and what they are used for drilling.

What blade do I need to cut cement board? Introducing PCD saw blades....

What saw blade do I need to cut cement board?

What does cutting fluid do to improve tool life?

What does cutting fluid do to improve tool life?

What does Ah mean on a power tool battery?

What does Ah mean on a power tool battery?

I want to fix something under water - what adhesive do I need to use?

In some applications there is a requirement to fix something or seal up a leak underwater.  For example, a split in a water tank or something to be fixed to the bottom of a swimming pool without breaking through the pool surround and causing a leak.

Cutting 20mm Porcelain Paving Slabs - What's The Best Option?


SDS Plus & SDS Max - What's the difference?


What's the fastest way to drill porcelain tiles?

A common question we get asked here at Millcot Tools – what’s the fastest way to drill porcelain tiles?

What is a Decoupling Membrane? Your questions answered!

A common question we get asked here at Millcot is – what is a decoupling membrane, or mat, and what does it protect against. In short, a decoupling membrane, also known as a decoupling mat, is used prior to tiling a floor if there is potential for the substrate to ‘shift’ after the tiles have been laid.

What substrates can be tiled over? A basic guide


Tanking a Wetroom

Wanting to install a wetroom?  Unsure how to make sure it’s 100% waterproof?  In this article we give you a very simple installation guide on how to tank a wetroom properly so that any potential future problems with water ingress are eliminated.

How to Install Tiles Directly Over Old Tiles

Something we get asked frequently here at Millcot is – ‘how can I tile directly over some existing tiles I have in my bathroom?’.

How do you tile over an anhydrite or pumped screed? Let?s explore in this article

What are anhydrite screeds?

Struggling to drill porcelain tiles? Let us help you in this article.

Drilling Porcelain Tiles:  A Brief Guide

Looking to purchase a laser level? Let us help you out in this article.

What type of Laser Level do I need? A Simple Explanation of Each Type of Laser Level and Their Functions

Looking at power tools and what brand to buy? Need some more info on the leading brands warranty's?

Power Tool Warranty & Service: An Honest Comparison of the Leading Brand’s After Sales Warranty and Service Support.

Hubbard Brick Jointers

We are now stockists of the Hubbard Brick Jointer. The original & the best, made in the USA.

Christmas & New Year Opening Times

Have a great holiday everyone! We look forward to seeing you again in 2017.


New Website

The New Smart Tradesman Multi-tool!

This affordable and versatile Multi-tool boasts a 300W motor, tool-less blade change, universal blade mount & the option to register this for 3 years warranty. 

LarchMarch 2016 sponsored walkathon

Millcot staff are taking part in the LarchMarch 2016 sponsored walkathon to raise money for education!  Please sponsor us by visiting our fundraising page here -

LTP Tile Sealing & Cleaning

We are distributors of the ever popular LTP range.  Contact us for the best prices!

Trade Day June 8th 2016

Our ever popular Trade Day will be on June 8th this year.  Growing year on year, we will have 12 suppliers attending this time.  Free refreshments will be provided and extra special deals available on the day only.  Keep an eye on this page and our Twitter & Facebook pages(@millcottools) for more information nearer the day.  We look forward to seeing you!

Gecko Suction Lifter

Check out the new Gecko Suction Lifter we stock.  Sticks to bumpy tiles thanks to its unique design and can lift up to 50kg in weight!


The Schtuk range is expanding!  Available from stock, the new Schtuk B1 & B3 expanding foams and gun cleaner.

The New MAXILEVEL Tile Levelling System!

Designed to improve the tile installation process, allowing for perfect tile levelling. Helps achieve a excellent result on uneven surfaces.

MILLCOT celebrating 40 years of trading! 1976-2016

Now Arrived - Products in stock from Soudal!

Soudal Silirub A      Fix All High Tack     Soudal Silicone Remover    Soudal Cartridge Gun

Tile Shelves For Showers & Wetrooms